Be Mine

Be Mine

$180.00 $90.00 + 13% HST

The perfect gift for those new to the concept of the Healing Salt Cave!

Enjoy a 3-hour spa day with our original three treatments that started it all! This Full Body Detox will leave you feeling rested and relaxed!


  • Healing Salt Cave ® Halotherapy Session
  • Infrared Sauna
  • Hand & Foot Detox
    A Total 3 hours of treatment

On Sale until February 14th*

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Experience the HOT + COLD + HALOTHERAPY cycle here at the Healing Salt Cave!

  • Start with Warm/Hot

Begin your treatment with an Infrared Sauna, allows for our blood vessels to widen and dilate. In this state of heat, blood flow increased toward body tissues in response to their need for more oxygen. Infrared allows for your body to detoxify, relaxation of our muscles, tensions, and joint pain, and much more!

  • Follow up with Cold

After the sauna, cool off within the Healing Salt Cave ® where your blood vessels are able to narrow. Here, blood flows toward vital organs at a higher pressure to keep them warm. This states stabilizes blood pressure, protects the body against blood and fluid loss among other things!

  • Finish with Warm

After the Healing Salt Cave, decompress with the Hand & Foot Detox. Here, you will feel the effects of this cycle while your body restores itself to its original state with body temperature and blood circulation returning to a healthy balance.

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